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Baron Viveck Chidurian

Post#1 » December 5th, 2016, 10:29 pm

Full Name: Viveck Chidurian
Known Aliases: Baron
Race: Ascended Eth
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Class: Rogue
Moral Alignment: Good


Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 185 lbs
Skin Tone: Medium Tan
Tattoos, scars, or markings: Black lines that seem to follow his veins on the backs of his hands and flow up them to his spine. They are slightly visible on the back of his neck. Not Tattoos
Eyes: Hazel
Build: Lean Muscle


Notable Skills: Tracking, tactics
Place of Birth: Iron Pine Peak
Current Residence: Iron Pine Peak - The Watchtower
Religion: None
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Baron, Landowner, Wine Maker
Interests: History, books, Killing Crucia and her minions
Personality: Often tries to plan things out. He is careful and reserved with those beyond his close circle of friends. He has invested himself deeply into the success of the Shadow Syndicate.
Flaws: Carries the weight of the world on his shoulders and often blames himself for things outside his control.
Relationships: Long time friend of Xosh. Close with many inside the guild. Keeps many relationships private.
History: Born to a powerful house in Iron Pine as a sickly child. It took many years but his illness which threatened his life early on seemed to recede. He grew strong and would lead teams of noble born warriors into battle. In his late 20s his childhood disease would return and grow worse. He eventually became bedridden and was unable to move without great strain and pain. He passed away there after a year, though he does not remember much from this time. He was Ascended and began his journey of uncovering the things that he lost
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Re: Baron Viveck Chidurian

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Such a cool character!

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