Rift Rolls: PvE Situations

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Rift Rolls: PvE Situations

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PvE Rolls
From time to time in roleplay, characters may encounter environmental challenges that require them to call upon specific knowledges and skills. These PvE rolls are made against a predetermined difficulty which must be stated clearly by the GM prior to the roll.

In a d10 system, the base difficulty for PvE rolls is 5. Additionally, the unmodified PvE target number should never be lower than 2 nor higher than 9. Certain situational modifiers can alter these numbers, but modifiers must be determined and revealed prior to the players making their rolls.

PvE Difficulties:
3: a simple endeavor
5: an average task
7: a difficult challenge
9: a supremely difficult feat

Critical Rolls
At the GM's discretion, natural rolls of 1 or 10 can be considered critical. In this optional system, a natural 1 is a critical failure and a natural 10 is a critical success.

Critical Failures
A critical failure (natural 1) may come with an extenuating circumstance reflective of the character's fumble. This critical failure may add a modifier to the challenge for all future attempts made by every player (including the one who rolled the failure). This is best used on objects or circumstances that can be complicated by a failure: the party is trying to climb out of a hole, but the critical failure means the primary rope frays; a rogue trying to unlock a chest instead breaks the internal mechanism, making it far more difficult to get open. If an environmental complication is unlikely or undesired, the GM may choose instead to apply a negative state to the character who rolled the critical failure. This negative state typically lasts only through the duration of the scene.

Critical Successes
If critical failures are enacted for the PvE challenge, a natural 10 must be considered a critical success. With a critical success, the player not only automatically succeeds at their intended task (regardless of situational or environmental modifiers), but they do so in an exemplary fashion. In game terms, this is reflected by some bonus determined by the GM. This may be a positive modifier to related rolls or actions for the duration of the scene, an extra clue, or an additional bit of loot.

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