Rift Patch Notes: 4.0 Hotfix 4

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Rift Patch Notes: 4.0 Hotfix 4

Post#1 » December 2nd, 2016, 4:11 pm

Reading through the hotfix notes I found this gem:

* Added a small selection of books to the Alittu library. They will randomly appear as people read them.*

That was followed by a more detailed bit about how it happened, written out, in character

* What exactly is in that library? Well...

“Do you like our library?” asked the Mage of Alittu expectantly.

“Well, it’s strange,” confessed the Ascended. “There aren’t any books I can read in it.”

“Oh. You think a library without books to read in it is strange?” The mage narrowed her eyes and looked around. Was the jig up?

“Yeah, libraries are supposed to have books in them. It’s not really a library without them.”

“HA! We were playing a funny joke on you.” The mage paused for just long enough to be uncomfortable. “HA! HA! HA! HA! Wasn’t that a funny joke? A library without books? Now that you know it was a joke you won’t be suspicious that books from all over Telara and the Plane of Water and even from your nightmares have suddenly appeared in our library!”

“Wait, what do you mean my nightma-“

“We wrote them down by looking through our Macroscope! Nothing weird about that! Especially if you care about books in a library! Which is a normal thing to care about.” The mage patted the Ascended on the back a little too hard. “New books should appear at regular intervals unless that too is strange.”

The Ascended raised a finger to object, but then thought of the prospect of new books, and then just smiled and nodded until the mage left.

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