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Viscol "Vissy" Rajan

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Full Name: Viscol Bara'ah Rajan
Alias/Titles: Vissy, Mouse

Calling: Cleric, Warden

By Ruthiee

Race: Eth
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 1095ish years ago, 5/15
Age: 19 at death
Hair: Mouse brown
Skin: Mouse brown
Eyes: Mouse brown
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 129 lbs

Place of Residence: The Temple of Mariel-Taun
Place of Birth: In the desert, her family was nomadic, so the exact location is unknown.
Relatives: Nirah, sister; Daul, brother-in-law; Meara and Rashaad, twin Bahmi children; Brii, Eth daughter, Jamal Latrell, baby daddy; Buck, other baby daddy.
Enemies: Maelforge and the Wanton, people who talk about her butt
Allies: Folks who work at the Badger, squirrels, nice people

Occupation: Healer, chef, mom
Crafting: Outfitter

By Abrial

Viscol is a small woman with large, expressive eyes and a pretty smile that always seems to brighten when her guildmates are around. Her hair is kept loose around her shoulders with a few braids here and there, each one tied with a trinket at the end.

Fashion of Choice: Modest, until it’s time to swim. She has a little bikini that allows her to move fast in the water.

Weapons of Choice: An enchanted broom. For real.

Special Abilities: At a very young age, Viscol showed a talent for the healing arts, often assisting the tribal clerics with the wounded. She also showed a talent for finding water, guiding her family over long distances to sources they were unaware of. She also senses general moods from others, though whether this is simply reading body language or some sort of gift remains to be seen.

By Mephyst

Alignment: Goody-two-shoes

Disposition: She’s friendly and upbeat, a bit shy at first, but warms up to new friends quickly. She’s a caring young woman, who wants to do right by everyone.

Outlook: Viscol is optimistic about the world, though she’s not sure where technomagic comes into play, or if it even should. She secretly hopes that the Gods stay out of things, and let the mortal races rebuild and repair the damage they have done.

Religion/Philosophy: She’s a devout follower of Mariel-Taun and still lives by her teachings, though she doesn’t speak of it too often.

Sexuality: Polyamorous pansexual

Positive Personality Traits: Helpful, optimistic, devoted, kind.

Negative Personality Traits: Naive, shy, short tempered under the right circumstances.

Misc. Quirks: Easily spooked.

Guild: Shadow Syndicate
Guild Rank: Watcher

By Smo

Likes: Reading, playing her flute, eating, gardening.

Dislikes: Jerks, perverts, excessive drinking, smoking, scary things, loud noises.

Favorite Foods: Breads and apples.

Favorite Drinks: Fresh milk and fruit juices.

Favorite Colors: Red, purple and blue.

Hobbies: Cooking, reading, sewing, swimming, feeding her massive collection of pets.

By Otter

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