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Daspien Zsolde

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Full Name: Daspien Zsolde
Known Aliases: None Known.
Race: Ethian
Sex: Male
Age: 29 at death.
Class: Techno-Rogue
Moral Alignment: Chaotic


Height: 6'2
Weight: 180 lbs. Lean, muscular build.
Skin Tone: Tan
Tattoos, scars, or markings: Scars cover his torso, in a cat o' nine tails pattern. Under his left peck is a metal cage housing a modernized source engine.
Eyes: Seafoam
Build: Lithe


Notable Skills: Grand-master Spy. Magitechnician. Dual-bladed combat.
Place of Birth: Nonresistant in today's timeline.
Current Residence: An oasis in the hills of Shimmersand.
Religion: Magitech
Sexuality: Pansexual
Occupation: Many.
Interests: Building machines, smoking herb, and just having a good time.
Personality: Borderline insane.
Flaws: Borderline insane.
Booty butt, Booty butt, Booty butt cheeks


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