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Full Name: Barnes. Just Barnes
Known Aliases: I mean, I am sure that I have given a fake name before...
Race: Mathosian
Sex: Male
Age: Probably like... 25. Maybe 35. Does it matter?
Class: Cleric
Moral Alignment:Chaotic Neutral


Height: Short
Weight: Rude
Skin Tone: Pale
Tattoos, scars, or markings: Mess up this beautiful complication? Never.
Eyes: Blue
Build: Built for endurance


Notable Skills: Artist and Doctor. Art of Healing, Doctoring Canvas
Place of Birth: Silverwood
Current Residence: Where ever
Religion: Vigil or something. Never really paid attention
Sexuality: Yes, Very.
Occupation: Primarily a healer for hire and a forger of documents.
Interests: Painting, books, confusing people, companionship
Personality: Big and loud. Loves affection and interacting with people but is a terrible narcissist. Loves showing off finery but does not actually care about it beyond that. It is to make a statement. The only thing he wears that is practical are gloves to protect his hands from damage.
Flaws: Narcissistic, really only seems to enjoy temporary companionship.
Relationships: Everyone is his friend. Who couldn't love him?
History: Barnes is a traveling libertine who philanders his way through communities in search of work and often ways to expand his view of the world, typically through chemical means. He is quite brilliant in ways of healing and art. Unfortunately he is very aware of this and it tends to inflate his already over-sized ego. While his healing is the most obvious skill that he has, he is most impressive in the skill of forgery and doctoring of documents. There are very few in all the cosmos that can detect his "corrections". While he may have to employ others in obtaining and replacing these documents, once they are in his hands they are able to reshape the worlds they exist in. He applies no moral code to the jobs he receives when making these "corrections", however if he does not care for someone he will make the changes in such a way that they can still be embarrassed by them, sometimes to the point that they become ashamed to collect the reward they are looking for. He considers money trivial but the things that it buys impressive and often does not hold onto coin for more than a few minutes before it is spent, often on expensive clothing.

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