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Xamen Dis

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Full Name: Xamen Dis
Alias/Titles: none

Calling: Mage/Warlock

Race: Kelari
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Approximately 900 years ago
Age: 19 at death, looks to be in his late 20’s/early 30’s
Hair: None, though if it were to grow it is a purple dark enough to appear black
Skin: Dark purplish
Eyes: White
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 147 lbs

Place of Residence: Nullwatch (Start at Whitefall and keep heading north)
Place of Birth: Avarnas, fishing village in the Ember Isles
Relatives: None living
Enemies: There isn’t anyone he feels threatened enough by to consider an enemy… at the moment
Allies: Xehela, Viscol, Nirah, Mephyst
Occupation: Wanderer, demagogue
Crafting: Artificer

Xamen is a little shorter than average height and slight figured, lean but not emaciated. His skin is as dark as kelari pigmentation gets. His eyes are so pale a violet they appear white to the casual observer. He is bald; he shaved his head some time ago and has not been able to grow it back. His skin is smooth, unmarked by tattoos, markings or scars.

Fashion of Choice: He favors loose-fitting and comfortable robes. There has been some speculation on whether or not he wears anything under them. In the past he has had his robe stolen just so he would change clothes. No one knows what is hidden deep in the pockets of those robes, least of all him. Very, very rarely will he be found wearing shoes.

Weapons of Choice: Staves. He has been carrying around a staff he refers to as Inevitability. It is apparently an inside joke between him and the unfortunate entity he bound to it.

Special Abilities, etc.: Since his ascension Xamen has been saturated in death magic. He has always seen it as a cosmic joke on him in reference to his past life. This makes him the quintessential death mage and grants him a +3 (or more/less, depending on situation and generosity of whoever is adjudicating) to any rolls involving death magic; casting, defending etc. It is (mostly) all he knows. Aside from a slight knowledge of air magic (which he applies to domination) he has no aptitude whatsoever in any other element or school.

He is so drenched in death magic/negative energy that it seeps from him. Some may notice a chill about him or just that he’s a little cold to the touch. This saturation causes him to passively ‘drain’ everything around him in close proximity. Plants kept in his general vicinity will wither and die. Small children, the frail and the elderly shouldn’t stay near him for extended periods. If he focuses he can use this to heal himself a bit (and in some cases drain himself to heal others), although how much depends on what he is draining (and of course whether or not they save!)

He possesses a strong constitution. Or very slow metabolism. It could be either. He cannot get drunk, or at least hasn’t yet. Poisons don’t work on him very well, or at least one hasn’t yet.

His senses are a mixed bag. His eyesight is not particularly good, his hearing is so-so. His sense of taste is all but nonexistent, forcing him to seek out foods that are exceptionally bitter, sweet (especially) or spicy in order to taste anything at all. In contrast, strangely enough, his sense of smell is quite sharp. He has alluded that there are places where his senses are all preternaturally sharp.

He possesses some vestigial ability to communicate with elemental spirits. This is all but useless since elemental spirits’ (particularly those of the isles) attitudes towards him range from strong dislike to bitter hatred.

He has been able to see/communicate with the sprits/souls of the dead since early childhood. He is able to exert some control over them (through strength of will as he’d put it) but that is an ability he has not made use of in quite some time.

Alignment: Neutral… evil… ish…

Disposition: At most times it is unclear whether Xamen is completely indifferent or if he is incapable of emotion. He simply seems not to care. Considering this, his relationship with Xehela is an anomaly to him that he cannot readily explain.
He is pure id, acting on his whims without regard for consequence. He is guileless. He does not lie, simply because he doesn’t feel that it would matter or change anything. Unless of course he felt that lying would serve some purpose, in that case he would lie, so you never really know.

Outlook: Xamen freely admits to himself that he is a hypocrite. On one hand, he never asked to be brought back from the soulstream and feels that both he and the world at large would be better off if he could and did die. However, he admits that since he is here he cannot help but act primarily toward his own preservation and self-interest.

Religion/Philosophy: In the beginning there was only the great self, reflected in the form of a person. Reflecting, it found nothing but itself. Then its first word was: "This am I.”
That one was afraid. Therefore anyone alone is afraid. "If there is nothing but myself," it thought. "Of what, then am I afraid?" Whereupon the fear departed.

Sexuality: *raises an eyebrow*” Why are you asking?

Positive Personality Traits: Loyal; once he believes a person may possibly be considered a potential friend (there are very few in that category) he would do anything for that person, again without regard for consequence.

Negative Personality Traits: Xamen tends to stare. He is prone to non sequiturs which are more often than not inappropriate and tactless comments. Unless completely enthralled, he paces incessantly. He is intently curious and completely inept socially which may lead to some awkward interactions. He tends to find humor in violence and other mischief.


Guild: Shadow Syndicate
Guild Rank: Guy who paces around the tavern

Likes: Solitude, the mountains in midwinter, seeing what’s around that corner/over that hill and the next one and the next one, reading, collecting books, Xehela

Dislikes: Crowds, boredom, anyone who disrespects someone in his small circle of friends, shapers, especially shapers.

Favorite Foods: Anything that is strongly spicy/salty/bitter/sweet.

Favorite Drinks: Strong wine, strong tea, water.

Favorite Colors: Purple and black

Hobbies: Exploring, harvesting plants, people watching in places with a great deal of foot traffic, opening death rifts and walking away.

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