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Re: Duende

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Is this the Barnes Approved version?

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Yes. Mass murder and espionage are no longer on her official Sanctum record. "Wanted for questioning" now vs. "Kill on Sight" then.

However, someone with a long memory is still suspicious.

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Full Name: Duende
Aliases/Nicknames: "Fel Dame"
Best insult ever: "Egregious Thundercunt"

Title(s): Dreamwalker, Fel Dame of the Grey.
Age/Age at Death: Unknown, assumed to be her mid-20's
Ascension: She died at the battle of Port Scion. She was among the first Ascended to appear in 1509 ((i.e., played beta for months before launch))
Place of Origin: Mathosia
Character Alignment: Lawful Evil

Sex & Race: Female, Half-Eth, Half-Mathosian
Appearance: Petite, dark-skinned, almond eyes, heavily scarred.
Hair Color: Dark brown, almost black
Eye Color: Light blue.

Scars/Markings: Duende has a brutal past, and it shows. She has an obvious scar where her throat was cut. She doesn't bother to hide this. There's also a golden sephir on her forehead, and her collarbone and upper chest bear ritual scarring that glows with death energy.

Scars she keeps hidden: There are extensive whip marks over her shoulders and upper back, a knife scar under her left breast, several repetitive scars on her back and ribs, burn marks around both wrists (she refers to these as her "bracelets") defensive and battle scars on her arms, a long gash down one thigh.

Occupation: Publically, a mentor and teacher of death magic. She's a regular bartender at the Noble Badger.

Past Duty/Occupation: Former mercenary battle-mage, pirate, personal guard, diplomat/spy.

Activities/Organizations: Affiliated with the Shadow Syndicate.

Hobbies: Collects books regarding Death, Life, and Elemental magic. She also crafts enchanted jewelry.

Interests: History, Death magic, Torture, Elemental magic studies. Reads and speaks Common and Endless Cult cant/cyphers very well. Reads and speaks both the Kelari of today, and the Old Kelari of the past fluently. Reads Brevanian with difficulty (and a code book) but does not speak it. Can puzzle out Draconian with great effort.

Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Fixation/Bloodlust - Once she's picked a foe, Duende will fight it to the death, either theirs or her own. If she dies, she will continue to attack the foe from the Grey. She will NOT back down unless physically restrained or removed from battle.

She's an alcoholic. She's fairly good at pacing herself, but on some occasions she has been drunk and disorderly in public.

Relationship Status: Duende is in a stable, long-term relationship with Marilith. The golden sephir on her forehead was placed there by Mari, and Duende refers to her as her knight or her mate.

She works closely with Xosh Darkheart and refers to him as her ally, or colleague but the exact nature of their partnership is not clear.

Family: Duende is a bastard. Her Mother was an Eth, whether servant or slave is unclear.

"MINE" - When Duende is in possession of a person's body or soul, and she considers that person to be "In her care." She will protect it with everything she has. That soul becomes more important than she is, in her mind.

On very rare occasions she will go into a "fire fugue" where she loses her senses and goes on a killing spree. She will kill anything that gets in her way whether friend or foe, burning the bodies behind her. This fugue usually breaks within 24 hours, and she will get incredibly drunk afterward. This is triggered by extreme emotion.

Character Backstory Synopsis:
Duende woke from death in a confused, agitated, angry state. Despite what she was told, faint and indistinct memories of her former life resurfaced during her first days of her new life. All she knew at first was at the moment of her death, she had been fighting another Mathosian. She resented being alive.

Her resentment manifested by a desire to raise more of the dead. Necromancy came very easily to her, almost as if she had an innate knowledge of this art. She began to see the hypocrisy of the Guardians who were supposed to be her peers. She knew their dislike of her necromancy was based in fear: when life has triumphed, the reminder that death is always lingering at your shoulder was more than they could bear. The energy of the Death plane surrounded her, and she was rejected and reviled over and over again.

For all the flowery words and talk of protection and triumph over evil, Duende found the Guardians to be inflexible and vain. The Gods were dead or careless, and the “Vigil’s Chosen” were hypocrites or worse. She turned her back on them, as they had done to her, time and time again.

Mercenary work became her preferred profession. She didn't have to stay long, didn't have to make friends, and was spared the pain of constant rejection. She was there to do a job, get paid, and go away. Though she worked with many small merc companies, her favorite jobs were always on the water. The thrill of oceanic combat suited her just fine, no matter what flag fluttered on the mast.

Then she met Xandarial. Xan had recognized her for what she was, drawn her in and welcomed her. Xan was so powerful a Necromancer that she was able to restore not only life to her bound followers but also a portion of their soul as well, granting them their own wills and their own ways. Her risen walked and talked and served her faithfully. With Xan came Raziel -- tall, ice-pale and silent.

Raziel wove his way into Duende's confidence slowly. He gave her potions to ease her mind; he gave her advice to ease her soul. He took her into his arms and told his secrets: He was not ascended. He was a scion of the Fae, an Aelfwar life-mage in his own right and hundreds of years old. His heart was as bitter as hers. He directed attacks on the Guardians, reveling in their destruction. Hundreds of people died at their hands.

She never saw the betrayal coming. Xandarial was secretly an adherent of the Endless Court, the small Order of the New Dawn were her acolytes. They had planned all along to use her as a sacrificial lure for a ritual that would allow Xan and her true love, Raziel to gain prestige and power with the Endless and usher in Regulos' reign. Raziel poisoned Duende, gave her to a pack of cultists and had her bound and subjected to brutal torture. When the ritual began and the rift began to form, Raziel used Duende’s madness, power, and pain as a conduit for the ritual.

Whatever happened after that was lost to her.

When Duende awoke in darkness, she knew something had gone terribly wrong. Bodies littered the ground; scavengers fought over their corpses. The only intact body she found was Raziel’s. As for the Guardians, she had only one thought: End them all.

She gathered what wits she had remaining and returned to the ocean, hoping the water would wash away her past. She had no memory of the ritual or the rift, only nightmares that tortured her dreams.

A year later, she got off the Black Talon, bid Captain Khalidek, "Good Fortune" and made her loyalties known. She declared herself an Eth and a Defiant and began gathering allies and enemies among them. She fell in love with Seurat, who helped her recover her memories of the massacre at Gloamwood, then helped her exact her vengeance on the Endless Court. They were wed, but he abandoned her a short time after the ceremony. In a firestorm of rage and grief, she burned the home they had built together, shattered her mage tower and retreated to her Sanctuary of death.

Duende is currently at peace. She has recovered most of the memories of her previous life and become comfortable with who and what she is. With the path before her clear, she's taken the role of teacher and guide for those who wish to learn the paths of the Death plane.

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