Rift Rolls: Planar Attunement

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Rift Rolls: Planar Attunement

Post#1 » December 22nd, 2016, 5:02 pm

Planar Attunement:
Each player may select one plane for attunement with their character. This attunement must be reflected in the character's history and regularly roleplayed. In situations involving energy, magic, environments, and lore connected with this plane, the character receives a +1 to rolls. The player subsequently receives a -1 to rolls involving energy, magic, environments, and lore of the opposing plane.

Telaran Planes:
Earth --> opposed Air
Air --> opposed Earth
Fire --> opposed Water
Water --> opposed Fire
Life --> opposed Death
Death --> opposed Life

Players may opt for no specific attunement for their character, thereby receiving neither bonuses nor weaknesses for planar-specific situations.

Planar attunement bonuses (or related weaknesses) are applied to PvE rolls when the situation is appropriate. In instances of PvP, planar attunement bonuses are applied either at the GM's discretion, or through agreement by the players involved in the active conflict.

All bonuses to PvP combat must be stated clearly before such combat begins.

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