Rift Rolls: Introduction

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Rift Rolls: Introduction

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Rift Roll 2.0 - Introduction

--In the interest of simplicity, all rolls are done on a d10 system.
--In your Rift UI, rolls are accomplished by typing /roll 10 and hitting enter.
--In PvE, natural 1's represent critical failures. Natural 10's are an automatic success.
--In PvP, the player with the highest initiative for the scene wins all ties.

Static Rolls: a situation where a single roll is made toward a predetermined target number. A success occurs when the roll meets or exceeds the target number, once all modifiers have been factored into the roll.
Opposed Rolls: a situation where two or more players roll against one another. The player with the highest roll (after modifiers have been calculated) wins.
Challenge: A conflict within the story, either PvE or PvP, that is resolved by the characters rolling to achieve a victory condition.
Round: One complete set of rolls between characters involved in a challenge, whether that challenge is a PvE situation or a PvP combat.
Scene: A series of actions and responses among characters toward a victory condition that takes place in a single location and represents a complete portion of story with a beginning, middle, and end. Scenes are typically adjucated by a GM and represent steps along a greater storyline.
PvP: Player versus Player.
PvE: Player versus Environment.
Mob Combat: Any combat where more than 3 players are attempting to act in concert against a single target.

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