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[Event] Soul Searching

Posted: July 13th, 2017, 4:08 pm
by Vissy
It's fairly obvious that something's wrong with Vissy lately. She's dressing funny, losing track of time, staring off into space, eating way too much.

She's pregnant again? That's the rumor, at least. Still, something overall feels off about the little priestess. Getting to the bottom of the mystery may take the combined effort of the Syndicate.

This will be a three part event that I hope to host in a few weeks! Step one will be getting to the bottom of Vissy's mystery illness, if that is what it is. Details will be available for those who ask her the right questions or take a hard look at her in game.

Step two will be a confrontation. For this, I would like everyone to set d10 stats for themselves, knowledge - perception - magic - tech. You can reply to this post with those stats or tell me in game. Knowledge would be a basic understanding of the world and how it works, tech is your skill with magitech, perception is how observant you are of your surroundings, and magic is magic in any sense of the world, though if you want to assign planar levels to that you can. (Ie: water 8, air 3, etc)

Step three will involve intense roleplay as the story unfolds. Navigate a custom made dimension and meet interesting characters that you've never encountered before. Harass them for information, and just maybe you will win some neat prizes from them, too!